SONOFF iFan03: WiFi Ceiling Fan And Light Controller with Remote Control


The SONOFF iFan03 is the new version of the SONOFF iFan02. It is more stable in performance.

The iFan03 is a WiFi ceiling fan and light controller which lets you turn your "dumb" ceiling fan into a smart, remote controlled ceiling fan. It lets you control your ceiling fan and light with the included remote or by using your phone, wherever you are. Voice control is designed to make it easy to turn on or off the fan and light, without any manual operation. You can set a schedule for the fan and/or light to turn on and off at day time or night time, or anytime throughout the day, and it will turn on or off automatically. The iFan03 is supplied with a RM433 remote controller with which you can adjust the fan speed between low, medium and high speed and to switch the light on or off. The scenes feature in the app allows you to control one or multiple SONOFF devices, quickly and simultaneously with a single tap. eWelink App.

NOTE: The SONOFF iFan03 comes with an 8 button 433 RF Remote Controller.

NOTE: The SONOFF iFan03 does NOT come with a base for the remote control. It can be purchase separately here.


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